Seeking Arrangement Review

#4 Seeking Arrangement Review

Are you in the hunt for Millionaire? Take a look at our millionaire engagement spot. Here in Millionaire dating site its conditions are obvious, since it has got associates who are well-off; prosperous gentlemen and outspoken ladies. Millionaire dating spot is held in reserve for a person who I loaded with million dollars net value in their gross salaries of +$100,000. Supplementary description conditions are for males to be eye-catching and females to have a gorgeous stare.Milionaire dating site is logically free for striking guy and for stunning feminine.


-One of the amazing things about the site is that they do not have algorithms for their match making. The matches are based solely on the financial prosperity and compatibility of the sugar daddy or sugar mommy and the sugar baby. On the website, they clearly define the meaning of being a sugar daddy and of being a sugar baby this allows for no confusion and therefore all parties can comprehensibly dictate their terms and needs.

  • A member can favorite a profile that they like and also when you view a profile the respective member will be notified this makes it very easy to get a match.
  • There is a mobile application which enables you to make matches on the go.
  • A yellow check on a profile means that seeking arrangement did a background check and that member passed.
  • Diamond members have their income and net worth verified by Seeking Arrangement.
  • Members who have a premium membership rank higher and its ultimately easier to find them than those without premium membership.
  • Members with premium membership are also allowed to send messages without having put up a profile picture while sugar babies have unlimited messaging.


Opening an account on Seeking Arrangement is absolutely free and setting up a profile is relatively easy. When setting up a profile all that is required is to state your standing as a sugar baby or a sugar daddy or mommy and give a clear definition of what you expect from your match. This however only caters for a small percentage. Full completion of the profile as soon as you join gives you what is called an attraction boost which ultimately leads to more matches in less time.


Sugar daddies and mommies declare their yearly income and net worth as soon as they join while sugar babies also give the minimum amount they need from their sugar lovers. With this in mind, either party can do a filtered search and thus be able to get a pool of members who have what they are looking for.

The filtered search not only caters for finances but also physical attributes that are preferred such as height, education, ethnicity and so much more. Sugar daddies and mommies however cannot contact the sugar babies unless they have premium membership.


Joining seeking arrangement proves to be quite costly. One month membership is 69.95$, three month membership is 59.95$/month and lastly there is annual memberships which is 49.95$ per month which totals to about 300$ a year.


Seeking Arrangement is the number 1 sugar daddy website in the world thus making it very highly rated. It has over five million members and new members worldwide join every day. The sugar babies on the site make around 3,000$ monthly. The site is also credible and it is very unlikely that you will meet a fraud on it.

The pros of joining the site heavily outweigh the cons. the pros include an easy to use app, a good ratio of about 80% women and 20% men and it also absolutely free for sugar babies. The only setback of joining the site is its cost.

This is therefore the best choice of a site if you need to interact with people more experienced or with people who are younger than you. Did i mention that the site is also for gay people! If you have been thinking about joining it, do not have your doubts it is most definitely the site for you.